Board of Directors

The Role Of The Board Of Directors

The importance of Boys & Girls Club leadership, the Board of Directors, cannot be overstated. Volunteer leaders represent the strength and diversity of the Club's Board. The board is a reflection of the community in which they live and work. Their depth of understanding about the local club is crucial to their power as advocates and to preserving young lives. The Board of Directors serves four primary roles:


The board is the active governing body of the Boys & Girls Club. Above all else, they are solely responsible for all club actions, from protecting the mission to ensuring public accountability. They serve as the public face and persona of the Club.


Working in partnership with the Executive Director as the leadership of the Club, the board must carefully set direction and plan for the future.

Policy and Evaluation: The Board is responsible for establishing policies that will govern the Club's daily operations and ongoing activities, from programs to human resources.

Resource Development

The Board must not only exercise fiduciary oversight to protect the Club's resources, it must also assist in raising money for the Club.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Rensselaer County maintains an ongoing Board Volunteer recruitment program. While we feel that an experienced board member is invaluable to the organization, it is equally important to sit new board members on a regular basis with fresh and unique ideas and expertise. To learn more about the responsibilities, benefits and gratification of being a member of the Board of Directors and how to become a member of the Board of Directors, contact the club at 465-3403 or email our Executive Director at