The Aquatics program at Camp Adventure is highly regarded and has taught thousands of children to swim and how to be safe in the water over the years. The Waterfront is directed by an experienced, individual who is certified as a Water Safety Instructor (WSI), Progressive Swimming Instructor, CPR for the Professional Rescuer, and First Aid. In addition there are an appropriate number of lifeguards for the number of children swimming, which are all certified in Lifeguarding, Waterfront Lifeguarding, CPR for the Professional Rescuer and First Aid. Each Lifeguard also is trained as an Instructors Aid to the Progressive Swimming Instructor and assists in teaching swimming skills to each child.

Swimming lessons are conducted each morning for all children through the Club’s Learn to Swim program. Each child will be evaluated on their first day of camp, and be assigned to a section of the swimming area depending on their skills and ability, such as non-swimmers, swimmers and advanced swimmers. Then each morning he/she will be instructed in water exploration, safety equipment and procedures, waterfront rules and a progression of the five different strokes and their elements. Each afternoon there will be a group water activity, followed by a free swim, which consists of free time to practice skills, join in group water games or just splash around in the cool waters of beautiful Burden Lake. During all waterfront activities, the buddy system and buddy board are utilized to ensure the utmost safety of all campers at all times.

In addition to the swimming activities, our Aquatics program includes small craft boating activities. Depending on the campers swimming skills, they can choose to participate in learning basic boating and sailing skills in our row boats, canoes, kayaks and sunfish sail boats. All boating activities will be conducted by a qualified individual, who has experience in boating and each boat will be manned by a certified lifeguard, and all campers will wear an approved PFD (personal floatation device).