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There are some specific facts that each of you ought to know about being a camp counselor. This will allow you to do your best this summer. Even then, you may not meet all the requirements unless you make the effort to do so. These are the things that need to be done to fulfill your contract.

A camp counselor’s responsibilities are endless. In Lead On Counselor! By Jack Pearse he looks at the word C-A-M-P.

C – Stands for Co-operation we need from one another.
A – Stands for Attitude to provide a happy experience for your campers must be the upmost priority in your mind.
M – Stands for Maturity, meaning a sense of responsibility to the commitment when you accepted the challenge of being a counselor.
P – Stands for Preparation because when camp opens we must be prepared, by fully participating in staff training and reading the manual.

It states that “Being a camp counselor is hard and demanding strain that takes all the energy and resourcefulness you can accumulate. The experience can be made more rewarding and more meaningful if you go to camp with a positive attitude, in the spirit of co-operation, with a strong sense of maturity, and prepared to do your best.”


  • To be patient.

  • To be genuinely interested in them.

  • To never expect too much or too little of them.

  • To have a good sense of humor and to laugh…lots.

  • To know who I am and what my name is.

  • To be broad minded.

  • To show no partiality.

  • To never argue with other staff; at least not in front of them.

  • To like being at camp.

  • To like kids.

  • To listen to what they say.

  • To help them when they need it.

  • To be honest at all times.

  • To never make fun or belittle their ideas or what they say.

  • To never use inappropriate language…EVER.

  • To always be consistent.

  • To be their friend.

  • To tell them when they have done well.

  • To be there when they need you for help or for protection.

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