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The Alumni Hall of Fame for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Rensselaer was established in 2012.


  • Celebrate the success of the Boys & Girls Club program by showcasing people who have become successful due to, at least in part, their involvement in the program.

  • Present realistic role models for our current members while honoring diverse careers such as Law Enforcement, Teachers, Businessmen/women, Doctors, etc.

  • Bring community recognition and exposure to the Boys & Girls Club by recognizing honorees at an every other year Hall of Fame Gala.

The first two years (2012 and 2013), the event was held annually so as to recognize several individuals who were instrumental in the birth of the Club and it’s early success, in addition to a few younger individuals who have obtained success early in their careers and were active members of the Club more recently. In 2012, 10 individuals made up the inaugural class, followed in 2013 by 8 individuals. In our efforts to maintain the prestige of the Hall of Fame, the selection committee has agreed that the induction and Gala to honor the inductees would be held every other year, and be limited to 5 individuals at any one time.


The following criteria will be considered in selecting honorees:

  • The Nominee has been successful in their lives of chosen profession.

  • The Nominee was actively involved in the Club as a child and attributed their success, at least in part, to their involvement at the Club.

  • The Nominee would serve as a good role model to current Club members.

  • The Nominee has given back to the Club in some capacity as an adult.

  • The Nominee has shown special dedication to the Club through activities such as service on the Board of Directors, promotion of the Club in the community or provided significant financial support to the Club.



Nominations are accepted on an on-going basis, but must be submitted before July 1 for consideration for induction in September of the Gala year. Please complete the nomination form and submit to the Hall of Fame Selection Committee C/O Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Rensselaer County, 544 Broadway, Rensselaer, NY 12144.


The Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Rensselaer County’s Hall of Fame Committee members are responsible for selecting up to 5 members for each Hall of Fame Gala from among those individuals who have been nominated. Those nomination applications that are not selected for induction in the current Gala year will be kept for consideration for induction for the next class of inductees.


Members will be recognized and inducted at the every other year Gala. The recipients will receive a plaque in recognition of their contributions to the Club. A similar plaque will also be hung in the Boys & Girls Club.


John Buono
Thomas Carney Jr.
Theodore Diamond
Kenneth Downes
James Kenealy (P)
Thomas Nardacci
Gordon Noel (P)
Marla Ortega
Warren Pratt
John Rucker

John Higgins
Margaret “Peg” Jewell (P)
Robert Kirsch
J. Donald Leahey (P)
Moura McCarthy (P)
Herman Moch (P)
Henry L. Rector
Henry V. Rector (P)

Patricia Bourdeau
James Finke
William McCarthy
James Poole
Wayne Pratt
Gerald Small
Dr. Burton Wilke (P)

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