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In the late 40’s, a group of businessmen from the City of Rensselaer realized that the City needed a place for to participate in recreational activities and build their character.


Since then, our Club has expanded to serve all kids and their families.  While our strategies, events, and programs continue to expand -- our core vision remains constant! Join us in reviewing our history below.


You can help us build towards our future by becoming a member or by donating!

                                        THE FUTURE

While our achievements are extensive, we are committed to continue aggressively expanding our services to reach more children. With the help of all the individuals, corporations and foundations who share our beliefs in the potential of all girls and boys, regardless of their circumstances, we look to the future with great optimism.

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A recent program evaluation was undertaken by the BGCA..

Some notable results are:

  • The average grades of those who participated in our tutoring program improved in every subject area during the 1997 academic year

  • 95% of youth participating in computer classes demonstrated an increase in knowledge, and more than 50% used the Clubs' computers for homework assignments

  • 90% of parents surveyed reported that the Clubs have helped keep their children off drugs

  • 100% of members participating in our Gang Prevention Program were not involved in gang activity

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