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Ensuring that our community is conducive to childhood and adolescent development means providing a safe place for kids to have fun and learn among peers. At Boys & Girls Clubs our TEEN NIGHTS are designed with fun, safety and education in mind. For children & teens ages 12 and older!


Teens may visit Monday through Thursday from 6pm to 8pm for open gym, gaming tournaments, movies & more! 

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Physical education is an important component of childhood development. As such, it is imperative that youth have access to safe facilities where they can participate in active recreational activities such as basketball, hockey or tag. Our gymnasium is one of our most popular program areas, and will be open to the children of Rensselaer on our TEEN NIGHTS. 


Another core component of youth development is keeping up-to-date with the interests of our children. Gaming has become a popular recreational activity for kids of all ages. To accommodate this hobby Boys & Girls Clubs host gaming nights in our lounge where teens can play video games with friends and peers. 

Games range from NBA2K to Super Smash Bros. with a number of consoles, like the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch, to choose from. Some nights may offer guests the opportunity to compete in tournaments against one another while other nights may emphasize cooperative play and problem solving games, and others still may focus on retro-era games. Alongside video games, we also offer teens a large selection of tabletop games such as Monopoly, UNO & more!


We understand that the teens of Rensselaer have diverse needs and interests. To best ensure TEEN NIGHTS remain a safe and fun place for everyone our activities for a given night may vary based on the desires of those in attendance. Whether it be to socialize, watch movies, bake or work on art our Club remains a safe space with flexibility for all teens! 

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