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The Club has a variety of program areas to fit each child imaginative needs and wants. Each program area is open at specific times and has planned activities or programs going on at each time.


Our spacious gymnasium has a full basketball court/ 6 total hoops, official volleyball net and poles for games, play area for sports played by our children regularly. When you look in the gym you will find children playing games such as; kickball, dodgeball, wall ball, whiffle ball, tag games, 4 square, and even games made up by the children themselves.


Upon entering the club the game room is the first thing you will encounter. The room is filled with games for children of all ages to play, from pool tables, bumper pool tables, foosball, to table games, Legos, and puzzles. In this room its impossible for a child to be bored. Daily game room tournament winners are posted on the wall so children can see their name in recognition.


Our computer lab has 10 flat screen computers, each internet capable. We teach members the parts of a computer, typing programs, digital arts, internet safety, and even video game making, once completed prerequisites are met. The computer room is set up to have less children in it at a time to give more of a one on one attention to each child to be sure they are mastering each skill correctly. Time blocks are set up so that all children will have access to the computer lab, and different programs will take places at different times.


When children come to our program we are about more than just fun and games, we also focus on education. In the classrooms children attend Power Hour where they receive homework help and tutoring. The classrooms provide children with quiet study areas, classroom style desks, and educational supplies such as pencils, rulers and paper, ensuring that each child will have the necessary supplies to complete their homework.


We use this area to prepare healthy snacks and meals daily for our members in the after school and teen programs.  The kitchen is also used for cooking classes and cooking family style meals for children and their parents to enjoy, such as our annual Thanksgiving feast.

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